Multifamily Affordable Lending has extensive experience working with both profit based and nonprofit developers to raise equity capital through the syndication of low-income housing tax credits, energy credits, and historic tax credits. MEL helps clients negotiate with investors to maximize the amount of equity raised while maintaining control over the development process and ensuring long-term affordability for the residents. Furthermore, MEL serves as a liaison between the developer, lender and all relevant housing agencies in any given affordable housing development to ensure the most appropriate financing structure is chosen for the client

Consulting Services

  • Initial feasibility analysis, including projection of equity that can be raised through 4% or 9% low-income housing tax credits
  • Analysis of potential for equity raised through historic tax credits where applicable
  • Identification of potential investors
  • Preparation of financial projections for lenders and investors
  • Solicitation of investor proposals
  • Evaluation of investor proposals
  • Negotiation with investors
  • Structuring the syndication to maximize long term goals of the sponsor and tenants
  • Assistance with formation and closing of syndication partnership determination of the most appropriate bond structure (fixed rate or low- floater; private placement or public sale; etc.)
  • Structuring the bonds to work with tax credit and other sources of financing

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