Multifamily Accelerated Processing (MAP) is a national fast-track processing system for the FHA multifamily mortgage insurance programs. As an approved FHA MAP lender, Multifamily Affordable Lending is responsible for preparation of most documents required for an application for mortgage insurance and for making a recommendation to the HUD field offices based upon Multifamily affordable Lending’s processing and underwriting.

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LIHTC Pilot Program

Permanent refinancing or acquisition financing with moderate rehabilitation.

Existing subsidized1 or affordable2 multifamily rental projects with 4% or 9% Low Income Housing Tax Credits (LIHTCs).

Loan cannot exceed $25 million.

Construction or Substantial Rehabilitation of Multifamily Properties

New construction or Substantial rehabilitation which is defined as:
a) Cost of improvements more than higher of:
i) 15% of post-rehabilitated appraised value, or
ii) $6,500 per unit adjusted for local high-cost factor, or
b) replacement of two or more major building components

Market rate, low-to-moderate income, and subsidized multifamily properties.

Limited to 10% of gross floor area and 15% of gross income. (Limits double in certain urban renewal areas under Section 220.)

No maximum (limited by loan parameters)

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Multifamily affordable housing development lending is our specialty. We ensure your project or investment gets the individualized and specialized attention it needs to get off the ground.

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We know what it takes to break ground and there is no one size fits all solution. We enjoy a challenge and finding the right lending options suited for each of our client’s specific needs.

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Highly specialized in focus, we educate our clients on the best lending options and resources needed to fund a multifamily affordable housing development project.

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